Estate Planning

Unfortunately, none of us are getting out of this life alive, so it is probably important to you and your family to determine what happens when you die: to your property, material possessions and many other things. Do you have young children? Wouldn’t you prefer to decide in advance who cares for them, when they receive funds from your estate, and that you’ve decided who is best person to make decisions in your absence? Do you want to prevent certain people from inheriting from your estate? Without saying so in a legal document, it’s a very likely possibility.

Planning for the future also involves making decisions about the handling of your affairs while you are still alive. powers of attorney, while being very powerful documents, in most cases can eliminate the need for very expensive guardianships. Instead of giving courts the authority to make legal decisions on your behalf, these documents give that power to someone of your choosing. While powers of attorney give financial and legal authority, health care surrogates give another person of your choosing the power to discuss and make emergency medical decisions for you.

These and countless others are reasons to retain our firm so that you can rest easy, knowing your family is protected.

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